Kilombairo is a new budget airline based in Tanzania that provides affordable flights from Europe to Tanzania
and other countries in southern Africa.
The brand identity of Kilombairo focuses on highlighting the natural beauty of Tanzania and celebrating the diverse and abundant natural environment of the region. The overall tone of the brand is fresh, joyful, and vibrant.
The logo for Kilombairo fleet draws inspiration from the beautiful natural elements of Tanzania, specifically a mango slice and the kilombero weaver bird, which is only found in Tanzania. The logo symbolizes a promise of a joyful, fast,
and revitalizing journey onboard Kilombairo fleet.
Prepare to immerse yourself in nature!
Kilombairo Airlines caters to young and adventurous individuals seeking affordable and efficient means of travelling to their vacation spots. Whether it's an exploration of safari, scaling Kilimanjaro, or simply lounging on the sandy beaches of Zanzibar, Kilombairo is the ideal gateway to a wonderful holiday experience in the southern African paradise.
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