MicroStrategy World is a yearly conference hosted by MicroStrategy, a company that specializes in business intelligence
and analytics software. 
The 2023 conference was a significant event because, after two years of virtual gatherings, it was back to being held in person. The conference took place at Warner Bros studios in Orlando, providing an excellent opportunity for customers, partners, industry experts, and MicroStrategy representatives to come together, share knowledge
 and insights, reconnect, and have a lot of fun!
The design and branding concept of the event were influenced by several factors. The main logo showcases the world
(of course!) with a location pinpointing towards Orlando. It is a dynamic logo that can incorporate different icons to highlight different aspects of the event. This reflected the high anticipation and enthusiasm leading up to the event in May.
The attendees had an unforgettable conference experience partly due to
the event's excellent logo and branding.
Let's discuss colors. They were selected to enhance the fresh and dynamic logo concept. A gradient was chosen to convey 
a cheerful vibe, reminiscent of sunny days, fun times, and long Florida evenings. MicroStrategy World is not just an ordinary data conference, you can count on that! 
The branding appeared lively and joyful in both digital and print media.
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